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MAHLE Kilmarnock Learning Agreement

24 May

Pat Rafferty Scottish Regional Secretary for Unite signed a learning agreement between Unite the Union & MAHLE Engine Systems on the 23rd May 2011 at the MAHLE Kilmarnock plant.

Regional Secretary Pat Rafferty & Jim English Site Manager Sign Learning Agreement

Unite the Union -Scotland’s largest trade union – is delighted to work with MAHLE a leading global development partner for the automotive and engine industry and one of the biggest employers in Kilmarnock.

The learning agreement will facilitate a joint learning programme between Unite & MAHLE. The learning program will be run by Unite’s Union Learning Representatives (ULR).  The ULRs at the Kilmarnock MAHLE plant that employs’ five hundred and forty seven people will offer opportunities in learning that will enable workers in MAHLE to start a journey in Life Long Learning.

The range of accredited courses that members can undertake will range from all levels of ICT, Languages, Literacy/Numeracy Brush up Your Skills, Pensions, Home Budgeting, British Sign Language, Open University courses, City & Guilds courses etc.

The learning will be delivered within the MAHLE factory; at shift friendly times in an environment the workers are both comfortable and familiar with. This is part of an innovative project by Unite and MAHLE to bring new learning opportunities to the workplace.

Pat Rafferty Unite Regional Secretary said: “I am delighted that our members at MAHLE will now get the opportunity to take part in Unite’s Life Long Learning program thanks to the work of our Union Learning Reps and the agreement negotiated by them and MAHLE management. Hopefully now our members can race forward with their learning”

John Hawkshaw Unite Convenor & Union Learning Rep for the MAHLE Kilmarnock site said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for the workforce at MAHLE Kilmarnock to learn new skills or develop the skills they already have through the wide range of education courses and training activities that the Life Long Learning programme provides.”

Alison Bryson MAHLE Human Resource Manager said: “I am very pleased to be involved in introducing Lifelong Learning on the site. I’m a firm believer in a partnership approach with Unions and this joint initiative will result in us offering shift friendly learning delivered on site and will increase both our employees’ skills and their confidence”

Jim English MAHLE Site Manager said: “A key milestone has been jointly agreed through our Lifelong learning program within Mahle Kilmarnock. It is now within the reach of our employees to realise their full potential through embracing this fantastic opportunity”

The ULR’s at MAHLE have within 3 months of their ULR training have had major success in a short period of time. The ULR’s lead by Site Convenor Johnny Hawkshaw have successfully negotiated the setting up of a Lifelong Learning Steering Group that meets fortnightly.The Steering Group oversees the Learning Strategy on site and is made up of Site Convenor, Lead ULR,  Unite Regional Learning Organiser, ULR on rotating basis, Site HR Manager, Site Manager & 2 Production Managers.

The ULR’s have negotiated a Learning Agreement that facilitates an office for Lead ULR Robin Brodie, an on site learning facility for course delivery. The ULR have developed a workplace survey which they have distributed and collected, a result of this was the first ICT course commenced on site at the start of May.

Well done to our 5 ULR’s from Mahle; Johnny Hawshaw Convenor; Robin Brodie Lead ULR, Clare McAvoy, Derek Barcaly & John Kay.

3 of the Best: MAHLE ULR Derek Barclay, Clare McAvoy & Lead ULR Robin Brodie



Don’t Break Britain Seminars in Scotland

5 May

As part of the “Don’t Break Britain” campaign Unite’s Education Department has arranged a series of one day seminars throughout Scotland.

These days are intended to give you an overview of the campaign and for participants to work together to consider how Unite can campaign locally to oppose the harsh and deep cuts being made in our communities by the Con-Dem coalition government.

The second part of the day focuses on the political aspect of the union’s campaigning and how members/activists could get more involved.

If you would like to attend a seminar, please apply for the venue nearest to your place of residence.

Edinburgh       31st May       10am – 3pm
Glenrothes      1st June         10am – 3pm
Galashiels       20th June      10am – 3pm

Contact Janice Galloway/Shona White on 0845 345 0145

Dundee            9th June         10am – 3pm
Inverness       14th June        10am – 3pm

Contact Lorraine Rayner/Gillian Miller on 0845 345 0144

Ayr                   6th June          10am – 3pm
Dumfries      15th June         10am – 3pm

Contact Janice Moffat/Bernie MacDonald 0845 345 0142

Glasgow        7th June           10am – 3pm

Contact Jean Gibbs on 0845 604 4384

Aberdeen      2nd June     10am – 3pm

Contact Jane Sedgwick on 0845 604 8312