Learning launch at RBS Greenock

21 Jul

Unite launched a lifelong learning programme at the Royal Bank of Scotland mortgage centre in Greenock on 15 July. The programme will see union-delivered courses bringing new learning opportunities to staff. Unite has a learning agreement with RBS, committing the union and the company to working together to improve access to skills and learning for all staff.

On the day, staff filled out a learning survey, expressing their learning interests. By the end of the day, 221 people had filled in the survey. The union and company will look at the results together, and develop a learning programme to meet the needs of staff. The learning programme is being lead by workplace rep Stephen McCauley, and Union Learning Rep Sonya Cassidy.

Even before the start of the courses, the programme has proved popular, and several new members joined the union on the day. Stephen and Sonya have more than doubled the Unite membership on site since they became active, and staff are increasingly confident of their ability to resolve issues and work to make things better.

The survey asked questions about both work-related courses, and courses for personal interest. It included questions about IT courses, language courses,  Open University degrees and banking qualifications.

Mortgage centre staff who have not yet filled in the survey can do so here.

The graphs below show some of the interest in IT and language courses.


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