Tony Benn to headline UCS 40 Anniversary Concert

4 Aug

Shop Stewards who were part of the UCS Work-In in the shipyards of Glasgow and Clydebank today announced a series of events organised to mark the 40th anniversary of the famous industrial dispute. The main event planned is a Gala Concert on Sat 1 October in the Mitchell Theatre where Tony Benn will be the Guest of Honour. He was the Labour Minister who created the UCS consortium in 1968 and a prominent supporter of the Work-In when in opposition. He will be backed by a line up of Scottish talent, some of whom played in fund raising concerts at the time. A specially commissioned suite ‘Work-in at UCS’ composed by Eddie McGuire, the prominent Scottish composer will also feature. Jimmy Cloughley, a member of the UCS Co-ordinating Committee said:

“The stewards who took part in the work-in felt that, following the deaths of two of the main leaders, Jimmy Airlie and Jimmy Reid, it was important to mark the 40 Anniversary positively. It is important when working people face increasing attacks on their jobs and conditions, to remember a successful struggle against a Tory Government bent on on butchering them. The community and country supported us. We righted a wrong,and it must never be forgotten. Unity of purpose, honesty, information leadership and democracy are the lessons of UCS”.

The list of artistes includes Pat Kane; Jimmie McGregor; Dave Anderson; Arthur Johnstone; Rab Noakes; Gary Lewis; Fraser Speirs; Kevin McDermott; Simone Welsh; The Whistlebinkies; Alba Brass and Sax Ecosse. There will also be a number of yet-tobe- announced special guests.

In addition to the concert, an exhibition about the Work-In will open in the Mitchell Library on 24 September, and showings of contemporary films shot in the yard during the Work-In are planned. The events will be mostly funded by a grant from Unite the union

The Work-In took place in 1971 when the then Tory government removed funding from the UCS yards and planned to close and sell them off. This provoked the Stewards Co-ordinating Committee to declare a ‘work-in’ which attracted huge support from Scotland, the rest of the UK, and around the world.

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For Further Information please contact:

Chris Bartter (Communications) 07715 583 729

Stephen Wright (FairPley) 07734 350 247

Jim Lister (FairPley) 07793884136

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