Mothball Edinburgh trams fiasco

31 Aug

The Edinburgh trams project should be mothballed until an immediate public inquiry can be conducted following the Scottish government’s intervention into the fiasco.

The Unite trade union which represents Lothian Bus workers also argue that full and independently validated costings should be presented for all options on the future of the trams.

Unite Scottish Secretary, Pat Rafferty, said:

“Its curious that John Swinney should intervene now after letting the Audit Scotland report wither for four years. Why now and what does this mean for Lothian Buses?

“Alex Salmond has said there should be a public inquiry. This should happen immediately including a presentation of the true costs for all options. We’re told the Haymarket line is not profitable, but a line to St Andrew’s Square could cost over £1 billion with initial borrowings of at least £270 million – a catastrophe for the buses and business, saddling the city with generations of debt.”

The Scottish government has said the remaining public funding of £60 million will be withheld unless Edinburgh’s councillors reconsider last week’s vote to abandon the Airport – St Andrews Square line in favour of line stopping at Haymarket.

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