Unite calls for City Building Glasgow Investigation

13 Nov

Scotland’s largest trade union – Unite – has reacted furiously to media reports that Willie Docherty Chief Executive of City Building Glasgow is in line for £615,000 on retirement.

Unite is writing to City Building and the Leader of Glasgow City Council calling for an investigation into whether such a massive sum – reported to be the largest council pay-off in the UK – has been allocated at a time when City Building Glasgow are refusing to pay apprentices a bonus and the wider public sector endure a pay-freeze.

Unite Scottish Secretary Pat Rafferty said:

“It is with utter dismay that our members in City Building, and indeed the whole of the country, read media reports that Willie Docherty is in line for a £615,000 pay-off. As a matter of urgency, we are asking for an investigation into whether the sum of money has indeed been earmarked, and, if so, that it is revoked.”

“How on earth can it be just at any time but particularly when apprentices aren’t being given any bonus at City Building, the public sector is subject to a pay-freeze, and, the people of Glasgow are enduring really difficult times at the moment. It is a disgusting amount of money being spoken of akin to the sums sought after by the spivs and speculators who have wreaked havoc on our economy. Unite will work with all concerned about this matter to ensure that it doesn’t come to pass and that any money is given to the workforce as a reward for their hard work.”



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