Shipbuilding Unions to tour Scottish MPs

17 Nov

Unite the union along with representatives from the three shipbuilding yards will meet Scottish MPs to discuss the ‘destabilising’ comments made by Defence Secretary Philip Hammond and Scottish Secretary, Michael Moore.

The Defence Secretary Philip Hammond this week warned the Ministry of Defence might not place Royal Navy orders north of the Border should Scotland become independent.  Scottish Secretary Michael Moore also stated that an independent Scotland would no longer be in ‘the frontline’ of future UK defence contracting.

Kenny Jordan, Unite officer said:

“As a matter of urgency unions based in the three Scottish yards will be making arrangements to meet with Scottish MPs with shipbuilding in their constituency.

“The politics being played by the UK and Scottish Governments over an independence referendum must end. Instead of the uncertainty about Scotland’s constitutional future led by the Scottish Government and exploited by the UK Government the focus must be on protecting thousands of high-skilled jobs in Scotland. If the constitutional mind-games don’t stop then this could mean the collapse of shipbuilding – that’s not scaremongering that’s the reality.”


Notes to Editors:

In a 2009 study by the prestigious Fraser of Allander Institute, BAE Systems Clyde yards were shown to have a significant impact on the local and national economy.  Based on 2008 figures, the Clyde yards were shown to support a total of over 8000 jobs in theUK, of which over 5700 were inScotland.  TheGlasgowyards supported a total of £225.7 million worth of wages across theUK, of which £156.4 million were inScotland.  In terms of Gross Value Added (GVA) to the economy, BAE Systems on the Clyde created a total of £324.0 million worth of GVA across theUK, with some £198.6 million of this in Scotland.


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