Shipbuilding Unions call for 'urgent' meetings with Scottish and UK Government

18 Nov

The unions are requesting an urgent meeting with the Defence Secretary Philip Hammond and the Scottish Secretary Michael Moore who both made comments stating that Scotland’s shipyards might not secure Royal Navy orders should the country become independent. CSEU officials and senior shop stewards are also requesting a meeting with the Scottish Government to discuss the future of the industry.

The unions have set a three-tier resolution:

  • Seek a meeting and assurances from the UK Defence Secretary, Phil Hammond, regarding the long-term commitment for defence related orders being placed in Scotland whether independent or not.
  • Raise the question with the Scottish Government of their future industrial policy in respect of the need to maintain defence and commercial manufacturing inScotlandwhether independent or not.
  • Broaden the debate amongst workers representatives of the defence related manufacturing companies both UK and overseas with long-term investment decisions in light of the Scotland’s constitutional uncertainty.

Kenny Jordan, Unite and Scottish CSEU official said:

“The shipbuilding unions met in Glasgow today to consider the future strategy of the industry in Scotland. We have established a three-tier strategy that will force the Westminster and Scottish Governments to face up to their responsibilities. The workforce deserves to know exactly what are the levels of commitment and the strategies both Governments have in place for retaining, supporting and investing in this vital industry which supports thousands of jobs – and indeed whether these strategies would survive in an independent Scotland.”

“It is for this reason why we are also asking that the debate to be broadened out to include companies who make long-term investment commitments in the industry because the uncertainty being created is having a destabilising effect.”


Contact Kenny Jordan on 07931559636


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