Your N30 – Take a moment to tell the world

23 Nov

Let’s make November 30th a day to remember.


If you’re taking action to defend your pension that day, we want to know.

Tell Unite all about it – then we can tell the world.

Send us a text from your workplace, picket line or town centre.  Let us know about the atmosphere, the turnout, even the weather.  Tell us what is going on. Or if you’re not on strike, send a message of support.

Your messages will be broadcast live on Unite’s website.  It will be a vivid record of a fantastic day for working people the length and breadth of the country.

It is easy to tell the world. Just TEXT it into 86888 (don’t worry; it’s free!).   Or send your pictures to

You can find your nearest event below.

You can also follow @UniteScotland and @N30Scotland on twitter, and use the #N30 hashtag to share your experiences.

What you’re saying:


The Governments’ Pension Plans to make people pay more to receive a smaller pension are a slap in the face to a hard working public sector workforce that do not get benefits the private sector do in bonuses and share offers and wage increases. It is a typical Tory knee jerk reaction to try and solve problems by taking from the many who earn the least and not from those who evade taxes through loopholes.
The government is risking putting many people into further financial difficulty by making them pay more for their pensions now and to worsen it later by paying them less for their pensions when they retire.

Also in making people work longer before they can retire they are not opening jobs to the next generation who would be coming into the workforce on a starting salary which will cost the government more and keep unemployment figures higher.

I am standing up for my fellow workers and will be taking annual leave to stand shoulder to shoulder with fellow union members in the march to the Scottish Parliament to fight this injustice.

– Tom Fegan, Edinburgh


“I don’t believe the financial crisis to be a political issue. It is simply that the people who were meant to look after the money got greedy and the rest of us are being expected to pay for it. If I hadn’t managed my money would the bankers have bailed me out? – No. I will defend my less than ‘gold plated’ pension which amounts to less than £5,000 per annum all the way.”

 – Jacky, Unite Workplace Rep from Kirriemuir 

 I wish you every success for your struggle. Now It’s time for all of us to fight to protect social rights and democracy. Solidarity from Greece. Our minds and hearts are always with you.

– Evangelos Lagos, Greece


@N30Scotland on twitter



#N30 Hashtag on twitter



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