N30 – Solidarity messages from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka

29 Nov

Bangladeshi garment workers marching in solidarity with N30 strikers in the UK

– by Jackie Simpkins, War on Want

We have been very pleased to receive messages of support from Bangladesh and Sri Lanka for public sector workers taking strike action on 30 November. The messages come via War on Want, an organisation Unite is affiliated to.

The messages come from trade unions, affiliated through the Global Union Federations and ITUC. They have been involved in plenty of action themselves recently. The Sri Lankan has also been campaigning against imposed changes to their pension schemes, and many have been arrested for speaking out.

Solidarity Messages from War on Want partners

War on Want partners, the National Garment Workers Federation (NGWF) will be organising a rally as a strong signal of their solidarity for our UK union members and supporters who are taking strike action on 30 November.

“The National Garment Workers’ Federation (NGWF) has been fighting for the rights of garment workers in Bangladesh since 1984. We will stand with the public sector workers in the UK on 30 November in your fight against the attacks on your pensions and the cuts that your government have imposed. We know that these abuses and the programme of cuts will make thousands of you poorer as a result and as workers, we stand united against poverty wherever it is found.” 

– Amirul Haque  Amin  – General Secretary,

National Garment Workers’ Federation, Bangladesh

And from Sri Lanka

The Free Trades Zones & General Zones Employees union (FTZ & GSEU) extends its fullest support to the UK Trade Unions joint actions which is scheduled to be held on 30th November 2011 against the unilateral decision of the UK Government to make people more and work longer for a lot less

Yours in Solidarity

Anton Marcus

Joint Secretary


Sri Lanka





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