New union branch for hospitality and bar workers

15 Dec

The bar and hospitality workers’ branch is now up and running in Glasgow. It was kick-started by young Unite members who work in the sector and who felt that unionisation was necessary for such precarious workplaces.
Workers in the hospitality sector are often under-paid, over-worked, disrespected and expendable. They are often graduates, migrant workers, students and women, and are typically aged 16-24.

Being a member of a union is crucial for people who need support and representation in their workplace, who want to improve pay and conditions and who want to ensure a fair deal in all areas of work. Unionised workers have more collective bargaining power than non-unionised workers, meaning they are usually better paid and work under better conditions.

Unite is the UK’s biggest trade union. It has already fought successfully for supermarket workers, particularly against Sainsbury’s with the Family Friendly and Decent Wage campaigns.

The bar and hospitality branch in Glasgow is linking with campaigns around wider issues such as youth under-employment and a living wage. We want to come together to fight not just for better conditions for ourselves but for all those who work hard but receive little, and those who cannot get a job or enough work to make ends meet.

Join us. Contact:



Please download our latest newsletter and distribute it in the bars and restaurants you visit.

Bar and Hospitality Workers’ newsletter



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