Kilmarnock workers set to escalate personal Mahle dispute

8 Jan

Unite Scotland members at Mahle Engine Systems in Kilmarnock will intensify efforts to save their world-class manufacturing tomorrow (Monday 9th January) after a viability study brought their future further into doubt.

Ahead of a crucial meeting between Mahle Senior Executives and the workforce at the plant tomorrow morning, Unite argues the study’s findings, which reinforces top Mahle Director Mathias Langbein’s desire to abandon Kilmarnock, inexplicably ignores the gradual return to profit of the operation.

Langbein previously told workers that Kilmarnock’s lucrative bushings operation would be off-shored to sites in Italy and Slovakia. However, Mahle conceded to undertake a study of the plant following strong opposition by the workforce who insists the plant is viable.

Unite Industrial Officer Jim Winter said, “Mathias Langbein’s agenda has been exposed in this report.  It’s simply old wine in new bottles; a re-hash of the same old, tired arguments which completely ignore the economic reality of manufacturing in Kilmarnock. 

We hoped for genuine honesty and objectivity in the research and production of this study with a view to repairing strained relations.  It’s clear that neither will be forthcoming. It’s disturbing that Langbein is becoming increasingly personal in his efforts to throw world-class Scottish engineering jobs on the scrapheap. 

Our members are resolute and the message is clear: This plant is viable and there is no economic reason why Mahle cannot continue to deliver profitable world-class products from Kilmarnock.  We will fight tooth and nail to defend these jobs and expose Langbein’s economic vandalism.”


Notes to Editors: For further information please contact the on-site Unite Regional Industrial Officer Jim Winter on 07739654856 & Peter Welsh in the Unite Scotland Campaigns Unit on 07810157931.


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