Award ceremony at RBS Greenock

20 Jan

A group of Unite union learners recently participated in an awards ceremony at the Royal Bank of Scotland mortgage centre in Greenock.

The learners were presented with certificates by Stow College for courses they completed in Understanding Pensions and Computing. The courses were delivered as part of the active lifelong learning project on that site.

The learning programme was launched on 15 July last year, and a learning survey was conducted, gaining 226 responses – more than a quarter of the workforce. The learning programme was designed to meet this need. In addition to the courses mentioned above, there are also courses running in Spanish and British Sign Language, with a further British Sign Language course due to start on 24 January, and Communications on 1 February.

To address some of the higher level skills, the Open University will hold an open day on site on 27 January. We hope to be able to replicate the successful partnership programme we have with the OU at Rolls-Royce.

The lifelong learning programme at RBS Greenock started when ULR Sonya Cassidy and workplace rep Stephen McCauley did their training in November 2010. After meeting with management in February and developing a plan, the lifelong learning project was officially launched in July last year, with the open day and online survey.

Sonya and Stephen have also succeeded in recruiting other reps, and are in the process of setting up a workplace branch. They have also created a branch website.

By organising at work, creating effective structures and having visible union activity that responds to members’ needs, the reps have been very successful at recruiting too. RBS Greenock is a Unite 100% target, meaning it is a workplace where we have recognition, but we’re working to increase our density and quality of representation. When Sonya and Stephen came on board, density on site was very low. It has since risen by more than a 100%, and new members are continuing to join, encouraged by the reps effective response to their needs.

Because this approach has been so successful, we are hoping to be able to replicate it at other RBS and finance sector sites.




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