Sparks fly at Aberdeen construction sector protest

27 Jan

Scottish construction workers employed by sector giant NG Bailey protested again this morning as the long-running dispute over industry wide de-skilling and pay cuts intensifies.

70 Unite mechanics and plumbers working on the new Aberdeen Royal Infirmary emergency care centre development demonstrated outside the site against imposed measures which will fuel a race to the bottom across the UK construction sector.

NG Bailey, along with Balfour Beatty and other industry majors are driving through the Building Engineering Services National Agreement (BESNA) which will tear up previous long-standing national agreements and slash pay by up to 30%.

Unite representative David Brockett said, “Unite members are telling NG Bailey and their cohorts in the construction sector that they will not accept their cut and gut agenda.

This BESNA will drive down overall industry standards, not only on pay but on skills, training and health & safety.  The industry majors say this is modernisation.  What’s modern about plunging tens of thousands of skilled workers into the low pay trap and driving industry standards down to the depths?

What we are witnessing is the needless destruction of an essential industry all in the name of corporate greed.  Its immoral and we will resist them every step of the way.”


Notes to Editors:  For further information please contact Unite rep David Brockett on 07784860933 or Peter Welsh in the Scottish Campaigns Unit on 07810157931.


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