Strike imminent as Kilmarnock workers reject management proposals

20 Mar

Unite members at Mahle Engine Systems in Kilmarnock will announce dates for industrial action after overwhelmingly rejecting proposals put forward by the company’s senior directors last week regarding the future of the plant.

Having already secured a significant mandate for action, with 85% of members balloted voting in favour of strike action, workers agreed to attend an emergency meeting requested by Mahle’s German directors in the hope of keeping profitable manufacturing contracts in Kilmarnock.

However, new proposals issued by management following Thursday’s meeting have been rejected by the workforce after mass consultations over the weekend.

Unite Industrial Officer Jim Winter said, “The list of proposals presented to us called for a non-negotiable twelve month stay of execution with no guarantees on investment.  In effect, they have asked workers to seal their fate and support continued plans to asset strip the plant.

This workforce has made every effort to negotiate. For over seven months now we have said this plant is profitable and that its production and skills are world-class.  Time and time again we asked what we could do to change management’s mind and they stonewalled us without explanation.

We attended last week’s meeting requested by the senior directors after our ballot result in hope rather than expectation.  The proposals issued to us have shown we were wrong to be hopeful and we will now be serving due notice on the company outlining future strike dates.”


For further information please contact Unite Regional Officer Jim Winter on 07739654856 or Peter Welsh in the Unite Scotland Campaigns Unit on 07810157931.


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