Unite against human trafficking in Scotland

3 May

Unite Scotland will help tackle the slow progress being made in Scotland against the scandal of human trafficking at a special one day conference tomorrow (Friday 4th May).

The ‘Unite against Human Trafficking’ conference, being held in conjunction with Amnesty International and the Women’s Support Project, will explore the growing concerns around human trafficking for sexual exploitation in Scotland.

Keynote speakers including the eminent Swedish lawyer Gunilla Ekberg, former MSP and Deputy Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament Trish Godman and the Scottish Director of Amnesty International Shabnum Mustapha.

Unite Scotland’s Equalities Officer Elaine Dougall said, “This conference is aimed at those concerned about some of the most vulnerable people in our society – it will challenge misconceptions about human trafficking and its relationship to issues like prostitution. 

The brutal reality is that trafficking and sexual exploitation is prevalent in our towns and communities across Scotland. We have 13.5% of the UK’s trade in humans despite having less than 10% of the UK population and since 2008 there has only been one successful prosecution for trafficking in Scotland, yet there have been 150 in England and Wales.

We have deep concerns about the slow progress being made to tackle this abhorrence in Scotland, human beings are not products to be bought and sold.  We hope this conference will increase activism and demand for both government and society to do more to end this modern day slavery.”


Notes to Editors: The Unite against Human Trafficking Conference will start at 11AM, John Smith House, 145 West Regent Street, Glasgow, G2 4RZ.

For further information please contact Unite Women’s & Equalities Officer Elaine Dougall on 07810157904.




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