Unite urges politicians to ‘listen to the people’ on Scottish constitutional future

11 May

Unite has urged politicians to ‘listen to the people’ on Scotland’s constitutional future after nearly two-thirds of members stated their desire for a second question on further devolved powers to be included in the referendum.

In a specially commissioned poll to coincide with Unite’s response to the Scottish Government’s referendum consultation, members were asked: ‘Would you like the option of further powers to the Scottish Parliament on the ballot paper?’ 62 per cent replied ‘yes’ and 38 per cent replied ‘no’.

Some 64 per cent of the members who opted for the inclusion of a second question on the ballot paper did so because they wanted more powers for Holyrood and that they believed all options should be available to the electorate. Over 1,700 members across Scotland participated in the poll conducted in March.

Unite Scottish Secretary Pat Rafferty said, “The poll results come as no surprise as our membership has reflected what other opinion polls have been telling us for months: that the increasing will of the Scottish people is for all options to be on the table in this referendum.

Since the starting pistol was fired on our constitutional future we’ve heard a lot of political bluster and squabble.  That’s not good enough because this referendum has significant transformative potential for our democracy whether you are pro-devolution, pro-independence or pro-union.

This process is a marathon, not a sprint, and as the Scottish Government consultation closes politicians must now listen to the people to ensure that all views are incorporated into this referendum.”


Notes to Editors:

Find attached a copy of the Unite Scotland response to the Scottish Government consultation ‘Your Scotland, Your Referendum’ and link to Mass 1 poll conducted on behalf of Unite Scotland.

Your Scotland your referendum response-2

Unite Scotland poll

i)                   The poll was conducted by text service in late February / early March 2012.

ii)                  1,739 Scottish-based members registered on the Uniteyou service responded.

For further information please contact Peter Welsh in the Unite Scotland Campaigns Unit on 07810157931 / peter.welsh@unitetheunion.org


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