Rolls-Royce East Kilbride Learning Programme Successes 2012

14 Jun

The lifelong learning programme at Rolls-Royce East Kilbride continues to provide quality learning opportunities to Unite members on site. The ULRs on site recently conducted a learning survey, and members responded with 409 learning requests in February this year. As part of the survey a prize draw was held for completed surveys and John Hogg pictured below was the lucky winner of a £50 shopping voucher.

The ULRs for the site have a structured organised approached for the learning programme. There is a Steering Group meeting with HR & Management representatives every 3 weeks which overviews the requirements of the learning programme. The ULRs monitor their progress with the use of a 12 month plan shown in the following link; RR_EK_ULR_12_Month_Plan_2012.

Unite member John Hogg receives his prize from Regional Learning Organiser

Pat McIlvogue & Lead Shop Steward & ULR John Craig

The learning programme at Rolls-Royce East Kilbride has already this year delivered two British Sign Language courses, two Understanding Pensions courses and two Cohorts on an Engineering Degree course with the Open University.

Sign Language courses were organised by the ULRs in response to a deaf apprentice entering his permanent work area on the completion of his apprenticeship. The ULRs organised the Sign Language course so his colleagues in his work area on both shifts could communicate with him.

The Understanding Pensions courses gave members a basic understanding of pensions, before moving on to specifics with their Rolls-Royce pension schemes. The final session was delivered by a Unite Pensions Trustee for the schemes, who also conducted a question & answer session at the end of the course.

There are now 14 members at Rolls-Royce East Kilbride currently on the Open University BEng Degree programme at the East Kilbride site with all members progressing well. All members have passed the tutor marked assessments with an average pass rate of 80%. The ULRs also have a further 10 members waiting to join to the BEng Degree programme in October.

These wonderful learning opportunities for Unite members would not be possible without the selfless work of ULRs Mark Tweddle, Brian Ronald & John Craig. The group of ULRs at East Kilbride is being boosted by the training of Robert Imire as a new ULR this week. Robert, who himself is on the BEng Degree course, wanted to train as a ULR to help give something back to other Unite members for the opportunities the programme has facilitated for him.  This is a great example of the true spirit of collectivism in action.




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