Collective bargaining re-established for the graphic industry in Scotland

17 Sep

Hundreds of Unite members, covered by the Graphic Enterprise Scotland National Agreement, have voted overwhelmingly in favour of re-establishing the National Agreement with the Employers Federation.

Although the provisions of the agreement had remained in place, there have been no nationally agreed pay increases since 2008.

Steve Sibbald, Unite national officer who conducted negotiations, said of the agreement: “We are delighted that we have now re-established national collective bargaining with the Employers Federation in Scotland.

“Although the increase for this year is modest at two per cent, our members recognised that it was worth accepting a modest increase for this year in order to get national collective bargaining for the graphic industry in Scotland back on track.”

Norman King, Unite regional officer who also conducted negotiations, said: “This agreement will bring more stability in an industry in Scotland that has been suffering over the last three years and will help to prevent fragmentation that could potentially be damaging.

“It may be a vain hope, but perhaps this will send a message to the industry federations south of the border.”

The agreement will benefit over 700 workers and covers negotiations for wages, overtime premium, shift premium, holidays, and all other aspects of work.


For further information contact Steve Sibbald on 07860 538537 or Ashraf Choudhury in the Unite press office on 020 3371 2061 or 07980 224761.


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