Glasgow taxi drivers meet over new registration fee fury

25 Sep

Unite Scotland members will hold a mass meeting on Wednesday evening (26th September) over an imposed annual £50 registration fee for drivers at Glasgow Taxis Limited (GTL), which will cut take-home pay and further fuel a race to the bottom across the local industry.

The Executive Committee of GTL told all drivers that a new registration fee of £50 must be paid by October 1st if they are to continue working from their existing radio circuit – from which they already pay towards and where work has been cut by 20% due to the loss of a key NHS contract. The previous registration fee was a one-off £10 payment.

With many drivers saying they are being squeezed beneath the low-pay threshold, the fee further restricts the ability to make work pay for many GTL drivers already working their maximum allocation of hours.  It prompted a furious response but concerns were stonewalled by an unsympathetic Committee.

Unite Rep for the Taxi Industry Drew Connelly said, “It’s beyond belief that GTL Executives, who know full well the conditions drivers are currently facing, have imposed this cash grab without any consultation whatsoever. 

GTL’s taxi drivers are at breaking point. It’s a choice between walking away from employment and joining the dole queue or increasingly slogging it out in a vicious circle of low pay and long working hours.

Drivers contribute significantly to some very handsome profits for GTL and provide an important public service, yet find their own earnings rapidly going downhill. This race to the bottom is unsustainable and Wednesday’s collective response has been a long time coming.”


Notes to Editors:  For further information please contact Unite Rep for the Taxi Industry Drew Connelly on 07980845196.

The meeting for all drivers, union and non-union, will take place in the Thistle Hotel, Cambridge Street, Glasgow on Wednesday 26th September at 6.30 pm. 


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