Agency Workers

Agency Workers – Know Your Rights

Agency Workers is an issue that Unite Scotland is making a policy and campaigns priority. We have featured on this website articles by Louise Haigh and Professor Keith Ewing to see how we as a union can develop new ways to organise and communicate more effectively with our members who are agency workers.

From the 1st October new agency workers rights are to be introduced into UK employment law.

From Day One an agency workers will have a right to:

  • Equal access to collective facilities provided by the hirer
  • Information and the opportunity to apply for vacancies in the hirer’s workplace

After 12 Weeks in the same job with the same hirer you’ll be entitled to equal treatment in:

  • Pay
  • Holidays
  • Night work
  • Rest periods/breaks
  • Duration of working time

However, the new rules don’t mean that you become a permanent employee of the hirer after 12 weeks and the new regulations are not retrospective (back dated). Any time spent on an assignment before 1 October 2011 will not count towards the 12 week qualifying. The first day that an agency worker can qualify for equal treatment on pay, holidays and working time entitlements will be 24 December 2011.

For more information visit here.


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