Aryshire pickets

N30 – hear the truth

Hands off our pensions!

Why we voted yes – Part 1.

Why we voted yes – Part 2

We’ve put together this page so that you have all the information you need about the 30 November day of action in one place.

Your N30 –  Take a moment to tell the world

Let’s make November 30th a day to remember.

If you’re taking action to defend your pension that day, we want to know.

Tell Unite all about it – then we can tell the world.

Send us a text from your workplace, picket line or town centre.  Let us know about the atmosphere, the turnout, even the weather.  Tell us what is going on. Or if you’re not on strike, send a message of support.

Your messages will be broadcast live on Unite’s website.  It will be a vivid record of a fantastic day for working people the length and breadth of the country.

It is easy to tell the world. Just TEXT it into 86888 (don’t worry; it’s free!).   Or send your pictures to

You can find your nearest event below.

You can also follow @UniteScotland and @N30Scotland on twitter, and use the #N30 hashtag to share your experiences.

Get involved – support your local 30 November Day of Action event

If you have an event to add, please contact us.

Guidance for those taking action:

Use of agency and emergency cover guidance

Picketing advice for those on strike

Approaching a picket

Unite resources on the Day of Action.


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