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North Lanarkshire Council Cuts – Think again!

23 Nov

A message to all our Unite members living and working in North Lanarkshire Council:

North Lanarkshire Council (NLC) estimates that it will need to save as much as £73.3million between 2013/14 and 2015/16.  In terms of jobs, Unite has been told that saving will conservatively mean the cut of some 1,400 jobs.

NLC has not sat down with Unite and other trade unions to discuss the best way forward and they haven’t properly engaged with the wider communities of North Lanarkshire, where this massive cuts agenda will hit the hardest.

Instead they carried-out a survey called ‘The Way Ahead – Lets talk about our future’ and asked the people of North Lanarkshire where the proposed £73 million worth of cuts should be made.

How many people completed this survey? Only 3000 – roughly 1% of North Lanarkshire’s estimated population of 326,000.  Not quite a majority of public opinion…

Furthermore, this fluffy rhetoric of ‘let’s talk about our future’ masks a sinister reality for many of NLC’s workers – one of jobs and pay cuts on a frightening scale.

Unite believes that:

  • NLC have completely undermined the collective bargaining process at a time where they should be holding meaningful discussions with the workforce in order to offset these cuts and sustain services the best we can.
  • NLC have abdicated their responsibilities, effectively pitting services and people against each other where the only losers will be the public and the workers.  And with the extent of the cuts that will be enforced there be will no winners.
  • NLC are playing politics with livelihoods and futures in a time of extreme economic difficulty. We need a concerted effort from all levels of politics to work with the workforce and public to re-think these cuts.

We believe this process, brought about without any consultation with the trade unions, demands a collective response. 

If we’re going to have a debate on jobs and the services which local communities rely on, then the scope of that debate should be extended meaningfully to everyone with an interest or role in the running of NLC.

That’s why we’re asking NLC workers and residents to contact their local Councillor ahead of 6th December, when these cuts will be confirmed, and tell them to think again.

Here’s how you can do it:

1. Click on this link to find your Councillor and Council Ward;

2. Click on the Councillor’s email address which will open a new email;  and

3. Copy and paste our campaign message Think again! into the email and send.

Be sure to put your own name on the email to officially register your opposition to the cuts.

Collectively, our hands are not tied.  We can all pull together for a future that works across North Lanarkshire.