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Buses Must Not Pay For the Tram

30 Jun

Unite Scotland comments on Edinburgh Tram Project Report

Ahead of tomorrow’s crucial Edinburgh Council meeting where the future of the trams will be decided, Unite members at Lothian Buses have again warned Councillors not to mess with the city’s successful bus network.

This week, Councillors have been issued with a report on the Edinburgh trams project that ultimately urges them to vote for a tram line running from Edinburgh Airport to St Andrew’s Square in the heart of the city at a cost of over £770 million.

Unite believes the report is a piece of propaganda, a one-sided document that does not consider or present the full facts of the matter.  Furthermore, the biggest losers in this process will be the world-class service provided by Lothian Buses and the travelling public of Edinburgh and the Lothians.

It is clear to Unite that Lothian Buses will be used as a cash cow to help offset the immense cost of this white elephant project should this report have it way.

The position of our members is as clear and incontrovertible as it was before:  The publicly owned status of Lothian Buses must not be compromised and its profitable services should be left untouched.

This means no cuts to routes, workers terms and conditions, no back-door marketisation or attempts to re-introduce integrated transport bodies that would be used to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’.  Most importantly, it means no more disruption and travel misery for the public who are sick and tired of the whole fiasco.

Please find attached a short brief detailing our concerns with this report and the wider issue of Edinburgh’s transport future.  It has been sent to every Council member’s e-mail this afternoon (Wednesday 29th June) and our reps from Lothian Buses will be distributing this outside the city chambers from 8:30AM on Thursday morning, where they will also be available for comment.

For further details, please contact Peter Welsh in the Unite Scotland Campaigns Office on 07810157931 or Lothian Buses Joint Trade Union Rep Rab Fraser on 07981673899.

Download the Joint Trade Union Committee statement here